Tentative schedule

The social dinner will take place at the restaurant “Il Cavaliere” on June 20, at 8:15 pm. The restaurant is within walking distance (viale Spartaco Lavagnini 22).

directions from Centro Didattico Capponi to restaurant


Talk titles:
Alexander:            Non-regular spacetime concave functions
Bernard:               Conley theory and time functions
Besnard:               Spacetimes in Noncommutative geometry: a definition and some examples
Finster:                 The Lorentzian quantum geometry encoded in a causal fermion system
Franco:                 Causality and Lorentzian distance in noncommutative geometry: successes and problems
Galloway:             Timelike completeness and the C^0-inextendibility of spacetime
Graf:                      The Hawking-Penrose singularity theorem for C^{1,1} metrics
Harris:                   Causal Boundary: low regularity process with some surprising regularity
Khavkine:             Spectral theory of vector and tensor fields on Schwarzschild spacetime
Klinger:                C^0-inextendibility across spacelike boundaries
Martinetti:           Connes distance and optimal transport
Miller:                   On the causal relations between probability measures
Minguzzi:             Spacetime representability through time functions and the distance formula
Sämann:              An approach to synthetic Lorentzian geometry: Lorentzian length spaces
Sbierski:                The C^0-inextendibility of the Schwarzschild spacetime
Siconolfi:              Weak KAM techniques for the construction of smooth time functions
Steinbauer:          On geodesics in low regularity
Suhr:                     Temporal functions for globally hyperbolic closed cone fields and optimal transport
H^1 solutions to hyperbolic equations on non-regular spacetimes